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Product Details:


  • 100% cotton
  • 100% hand made in Mexico ( tee and embroidery).
  • Unique piece
  • Tight Fit


Our Viva la Vida Collection is hand enbroidery by our Master artisan Andrea in Mexico City, all our Fridas are one of a kind. ( the details wont repeat in any other tee).


The Fit is tight ( woman fit t- shirt ). 


Remember that 55 % of the sales goes directly to the artisans and that all our products are ethically made and our packaging is 100% recycle and compostable.

Frida Tee

SKU: vivalavidateemadgalena01
$45.00 Regular Price
$38.25Sale Price
Colour: White
    1. Wash at a maximun temperature of 30 C*
    2. Air dry your tee if possible.
    3. Do not dry clean 
    4. Recomend to use softer while washing. 

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