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Our story

I migrate to Australia in 2018 to study for a diploma in event management and an advanced diploma in Marketing and communication, I decided to follow that tickle in my gut of wanting to start a business outside of Mexico but for Mexico, with the mission of giving an international platform to Mexican artisans and creatives.

MADRE was born with the idea of bringing a little piece of our culture to Australia, a place that now I call home. I had the opportunity to meet a group of artisans while studying  Communication and Media at the Universidad Iberoamericana in 2014 at a craft fair organized by Ibero's intercultural and indigenous affairs program.

It was there that I had the opportunity to meet Xochi and Paulina, years later I met Andrea and Juana in the old flea market in Coyoacán and during the pandemic Clau, an artisan from Juchitán Oaxaca.


At the beginning of the pandemic, an unspesected type of customers emerged something that I never imagine starting a business with. The mandatory use of face masks in Australia was what gave us our first MADRE product. Together with Pau and the artisans in Tenango de Doria in Hidalgo, we took this opportunity and decide to  use  the scraps of embroidered fabrics and full embroideries that they had in stock and were not able to sale due to the lack of work due to the lockdowns in Mexico. Thus, following the guidelines of the Australian Government, our first three-layer face masks were made and sale by June 2020 with a Mexican touch.

They were a complete success because at that time it was difficult to find someone that sale or have face masks, it was a great learning experience because we started this project via Instagram and entered the Australian market with great success , also with the support of the guys from Frankie's Tortas and Tacos who gave me a platform in their business and social media to promote the brand.

Today I work together with Claudia, Andrea, Jazmin and Berenice to make sweatshirts, shirts, tote bags, bags and earrings and doing collaborations with female owned  local Mexican Brands. MADRE would not exist without teamwork by design and curate the garments,to reach a final result of a UNIQUE garment, always respecting the elaboration techniques and their meaning.

MADRE x Pau .jpeg


 To support the artisans by helping them reach economic independence through their craft and embrace them to continue with the techniques that  they've learn through generations to keep alive the traditions. 

We want to be a brand free of plastic and single-use packaging. That's why ALL our packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable from the labels on the garments, stickers, paper, bags etc. We proudly use hero packaging and noissue products


To respect the traditional work techniques of artisans and the time it takes them to make each product by hand and bring one of a kind good quality street wear/casual clothing to the Australian community with a Mexican touch to embrace the use of artisanal clothes that will make and statement in your closet.

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